Pipeline Dermot Hyde & Tom Hake

DERMOT HYDE · Uilleann Pipes, Tin Whistle, Low Whistle, Small Pipes, Vocals

DERMOT HYDE hails from a musical family, with both his mother – from Malin Head in Co Donegal, and his father playing musical instruments. He first encountered the tin whistle as a youth, and, before he knew it, found himself "falling head over heels in love with that magical little pipe". As a result, the inevitable piano and classical guitar lessons began to fade into the background. After starting pipes, Hyde was always involved in writing tunes and songs, and his own compositions make up a large part of the regular PIPELINE programme on stage. A fond involvement in the theatre and its music has prompted Dermot Hyde to pen a number of acclaimed melodies for, amongst others, Royal Shakespeare Company director Michael Bogdanov.

TOM HAKE · Bouzouki, Guitar, Harp

TOM HAKE came relatively late to Irish music having spent many years involved in theatre-related projects, and indeed it was in the theatre that the duo first met. Hake relishes the job of providing tantalising string accompaniment to the melody, whether it be on guitar, bouzouki or harp. Indeed, his musical interests extend way beyond the purely Irish-Celtic sphere. He is equally at home with Viennese cabaret music of the 1920's, as he is with the wonderful Sons of Cuba, where he recently recorded as studio musician. He stalwartly maintains nevertheless, that his first love remains the music of Ireland and Scotland.


Hyde and Hake’s music has its foundations within the sound traditions of all the Celtic countries including Ireland, Scotland, Brittany and Galicia. PIPELINE mix the old with the new. Revolving around an uilleann pipes and guitar-bouzouki base, both men develop the project widely to achieve new and varied soundscapes. Songs, slow airs as well as high-speed dance music – it all belongs together."