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Pipeline Dermot Hyde & Tom Hake

Hallo Tom & Dermot! :) Ich habe euch gestern in Neuötting spielen gehört. Ihr wart klasse!! :) Und einen tollen Humor habt ihr noch dazu :D

Hi Dermot, Looking forward to meeting you here in St. Michael's Jesuit Church in Munich shortly. I have been looking at your web site. You have played with the Munich Philharmonic. Perhaps you are your best when accompanied by Tom Hake. Anyway looking forward to meeting up. And the other day, I also mentioned to Frank Höndgen (the Music and Choir-director here) that we will be meeting up. He was also interested (with Peter Kofler, the organist). Perhaps you may even be at the Schlachthof tonight. Have a good weekend. Niall (Niall Leahy).

Love your music; inspirational. Hope you come back to Maryland, U.S. soon.

hows it goin,tom and dermot great music.

Hi Dermot und Tom :) Gibt es irgendwo Lyrics zu euren Liedern? Die von dem ersten Lied auf Red Line hätte ich gerne. Danke und Grüße aus München. Derrick

Hey guys, a few years back you played at my place in Canada -- a little restaurant in an old church in a small town in Ontario. My kids came and heard you and they loved you so much they played your CD over and over and over again to the point the CD is no longer playable! So I'm on your site looking to buy another. Hope all is well with you and we still love your music.

Update - Have ordered "Pipeline" - thanks!

I'm with Amanda - obviously following her search since I also heard the same song on the same radio station and thought - Wow! I have to find these guys! Do come to Australia gentlemen - you'll receive a warm welcome!

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