Pipeline Dermot Hyde & Tom Hake

Amongst the many new versatile formations playing Celtic music today, Dermot Hyde and Tom Hake's PIPELINE occupy a special position. PIPELINE is an exciting new duo with Dermot Hyde on uilleann pipes, whistles, vocals, small pipes, and Tom Hake playing bouzouki, guitar and harp. The two musicians offer a repertoire which comprises both traditional and brand new music from Ireland, Scotland, Galicia, and Brittany – not forgetting the tunes and songs of the typical "emigration-lands", America, Canada and Australia. PIPELINE appears to be the only duo in the business that is able to combine the real genuine article, – "frighteningly beautiful music", with what audiences call their "unrivalled and original sense of entertainment." And it's this very mixture which makes the two musicians and their show unique .

The dance music and songs, as well as the moving airs of all the Celtic lands are represented here, played innovatively on a vast battery of instruments from bagpipes to bouzoukis, from flutes to drums. All the while the audience is treated to a "mesmerising collage of sound", interspersed with a witty informative stage presence.



"Whilst Dermot Hyde straps on his Irish Bagpipes and grasps for his flute, Tom Hake uses the chance and explains the importance of the love song in the lives of generations of Celts. Hake's fingers glide over the strings of the Celtic harp to the strains of a soulful romantic melody, and then the pipes enter. Overwhelming conviction. The audience closes its eyes and is immediately transposed into a new and very different world. The moment forces its way into your soul. This is music. This is what life is about!"

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"Hyde and Hake’s music has its foundations within the sound traditions of all the Celtic countries including Ireland, Scotland, Brittany and Galicia. PIPELINE mix the old with the new. Revolving around an uilleann pipes and guitar-bouzouki base, both men develop the project widely to achieve new and varied soundscapes. Songs, slow airs as well as high-speed dance music – it all belongs together."


ith a musical pedigree that is beyond question, Hyde and Hake understand how to take music to the people. Both men bring with them an innate ability to touch an audience, born from years of experience on stage and in the theatre.

"PIPELINE don't need any introductions, – they are their own master of ceremonies!"